Dallmann's represents the best quality, without compromise. From the selection of carefully researched, first-class, pure ingredients, through the traditional production plant in Wiesbaden, right up to the passionate commitment of our sweet makers, who are very enthusiastic about Dallmann's.

Works wonders: Sage – Salvia officinalis
We don’t make it with just anything.
We only use medicinally effective, real sage: Salvia officinalis. Of course this does not mean that Dallmann's sage is picked under moonlight – we rely on well-rested suppliers, committed to quality. The sage plants for Dallmann's come from carefully chosen growing areas and are expertly nurtured, cared for, grown and harvested. This not only benefits the effectiveness - you can also taste it. Delicious, right?

At Dallmann's internal and external values matter: nicely moulded and perfectly dosed. Company founder Georg Dallmann was a pharmacist – and the aspiration of this profession, to heal and to help, lives on today in Dallmann's.

Dallmann’s Sage Sweets – tangy and refreshing
The home of sage, Salvia officinalis, is the entire Mediterranean region, especially the Adriatic. The shrub which blooms from May to July, is evergreen and grows to a height of up to 80 cm. To date, the main growing regions include Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro and other countries in the Mediterranean region, however sage is cultivated throughout Europe and also in North America.
Dallmann's recommends:
"If you have a cold just dissolve one or two Dallmann's sage sweets in hot tea; it works and tastes great. Plus lots of bed rest."

Our sage lozenges contain: Sugar, glucose syrup, 1.3 % sage extract, vitamin C, natural flavour, caramel sugar syrup, acidifier, citric acid.
Dallmann's sage lozenges are also available as a sugar free version.

Dallmann’s Iceland Moss Sweets – refreshingly mild
Iceland moss, Cetraria islandica, is a cushion-forming fruticose lichen. It is found in Arctic and mountainous regions and grows on heathland, moorland and in coniferous forests, primarily in Iceland, which is where its name comes from.
Dallmann's recommends:
“Dry coughs are gently soothed with Iceland moss, with no side effects. When you have a cough make sure you keep your feet warm too!"
Dallmann’s Iceland moss sweets contain: glucose syrup, sugar, 2.5 % Iceland moss extract (45:1), vitamin C, natural flavours, acidifying agents: citric acid, menthol, table salt
Dallmann’s Iceland moss sweets are also available as a sugar-free version.
Dallmann’s Herbal Sweets – delicately aromatic and fresh

Dallmann's herbal sweets with extracts from five selected medicinal herbs are perfect for coughs and sore throats. The special recipe of thyme,
mullein, aniseed, liquorice root and cowslip root tastes pleasantly aromatic, fresh and delicious.

Dallmann's recommends:
"With Dallmann’s herbal blend your mouth will come alive. You can’t get more healing power and flavour into one sweet."

The ingredients in Dallmann’s herbal sweets: sugar, glucose syrup, 3 % herbal extract comprising 0.9 % aniseed, 0.9 % mullein, 0.6 % liquorice root, 0.3 % cowslip root and 0.3 % thyme, vitamin C, elderberry juice from elderberry juice concentrate, natural flavouring, natural eucalyptus flavouring,
table salt, menthol
Dallmann’s herbal sweets are also available as a sugar-free version.