Since 1889, Dallmann’s lozenges have been traditionally hand-made in the 25-man factory from the best ingredients, according to a closely guarded secret recipe and using generations of knowledge. The best-known product is Dallmann’s Sage Lozenges. These bonbons, tangy, refreshing, lozenges contain concentrated medicinal sage. Dallmann's lozenges are available in pharmacies, chemist’s and selected grocery shops.

What first began with "Kola-Dallmann", a chewy sweet made of compacted kola plants, continues today from Wiesbaden with sage, Iceland moss and a special blend of herbs. The nephew of the company founder, Helmut Dallmann, came up with the idea of the famous sage lozenges on a rainy day in the late 1950s, during a holiday in Switzerland. He had a sore throat. When he ordered sage tea, he thought it would be nice if you could just let this sweet tea melt in your mouth, like a candy. Back in Wiesbaden he put his idea into practice. Ever since then Dallmann’s Sage Lozenges have grown increasingly popular year after year, in Germany and in many other countries around the world.

When pharmacist Georg Dallmann founded the Dallmann & Co Fabrik pharmazeutischer Präparate GmbH in 1889, he probably did not anticipate that his delicious lozenges would one day be world-famous. Made from carefully selected medicinal plants, Dallmann’s Bonbons alleviate cold symptoms such as sore throats and hoarseness in a thoroughly tasty way.