• How should the Bonbons be eaten?
    We recommend not to bite in the candies. Take them into your mouth and eat them as slow as you can. Like this, the active ingredients of sage, Iclena moss and the herbal extracts will linger in the mouth and throat for longer and work better.
  • What are lozenges?
    In Dallmann’s lozenges there are extracts of potent medicinal plants, this is why they are so popular . The delicious taste is something of a side issue – what might be seen differently by gourmets, though. Many people love to enjoy our lozenges without feeling even a hint of a sore throat.
  • What happens if I eat a whole packet at once?
    In that case you should always have at least one extra packet of Dallmann’s bonbons on hand. It could also be a different flavour.
  • What is the white coating on the lozenges?
    It is powdered sugar, which absorbs moisture from the air and stops the sweets from sticking to each other.
  • How long is the shelf-life of Dallmann’s bonbons?
    Sweets are generally long-lasting, the shelf-life is always stated on the packet. Dallmann’s sweets taste just as good more than 3.5 years after they were purchased as they did on the first day. As far as we know though, no Dallmann’s sweet has ever spent that long in its packet.
  • I am a vegan. Can I eat Dallmann’s bonbons?
    Yes, our Bonbons are also perfectly suitable for vegans. The ingredients list on the packaging shows all of the ingredients individually.
  • Are Dallmann’s sweets lactose-free?
    Absolutely. No milk-producing animals are involved in the production of our bonbons.
  • And what if you are gluten-intolerant?
    Dallmann’s bonbons contain no gluten and can also be enjoyed by people with gluten intolerance.